Adkins Gelbvieh is located in North-West Oklahoma, 5 miles North and 1-3/4 West of Ringwood. We raise Gelbvieh and Balancer cattle. We sell bulls and females private treaty.

Mission: At Adkins Gelbvieh we expect superior performance, moderate frame, docile disposition and quality carcass. You will find these traits in every bull or female we sell.
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601D as a first calf heifer with 2.5 month old calf out of Jackpot 906W
Get Marbling! Get Cow Power!
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928W and her big stout bull calf 519C
353A and her big time bull calf 508C
Gerald & Sarah Adkins
65257 Beckham Rd.
Ringwood, OK 73768
(580) 541- 4787
GLAG Adkins Jackpot 906W Resident Herd Sire
Adkins Gelbvieh has Moved!!
We re-located back to Okahoma and Changed our name to Indian Creek Ranches